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POMOT company has the following special offer:


The waste removal container KA 8000 K type


KA8000 K is designed to:
1. Removal, transport and dumping slurry from underground tanks as well as ground tanks with high point of reap.
2. Cleaning the installation and the tank of the vehicle.
3. Washing livestock premises and theirs equipment.
4. Disinfection, disinsectization, deodorization of installation and livestock premises on farms by proper solutions.
5. Transport of liquid solutions RSM and plant protection product from distribution points to farms with ability of mixing and pumping to static tanks or directly to fertilizing vehicles or vehicles spraying crops fields.
7. Washing of machines and equipment.

8. Removal of litter and sediments form 6 m depth from drain, pits and septic tanks.
9. Cleaning ponds, fire pools etc. Tanks with slime and silt.
10. Cleaning of street cleaning sewer drains, house drains and tubes with diameter to 100 m and length to 60 m in municipal intallations.
11. Service of household sewage treatment.
12. Transport of some kind of biomass to biogas.
13. Water transport for field irrigation, animals drinking water supply as well as firefighting operations perform by fire service.


Warning : Waste removal containers for cleaning sewage have utility model: no 63908, no 63909, which are in posses of POMOT company in Chojna

ka8000k 2

ka8000k 2
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