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Utilise the GPS technology  with Spreadsmart 1020p


Twin Chain


drive twinchain1

Pomot have developed spreading hardware that can be fully controlled to utilize the GPS technology which is common place in the modern spreading industry.  The Transpread patented Twin Chain technology allows full control of the spreader output to either side of the vehicle.  Pomot is in the process of combining these two key areas by allowing the spread rate out either side to be automatically influenced by the GPS position of the vehicle.





whole field twinchainThe GPS systems currently available through competitors are only able to map, or change the over all rate based on the GPS position.  The pictures shown here were taken by GPS software showing that even with the best GPS guidance, a driver still has to drive to the conditions.  These unavoidable errors cannot be adjusted for, except with a Pomot Twin Chain spreader.  By adding GPS technology to older spreaders, they will not be able to take advantage of this innovative, patented technology. 


Make sure your next spreader is a POMOT Twin Chain to benefit from this.





 drive twinchain3One of the most common causes of uneven application in the field is the frequent stopping and starting of the spreader on the headlands.  The new POMOT control software will be able to automatically stop and start in the correct position with no input from the driver.  Where necessary it will also be able to start or stop only one side and/or reduced the rate on either side if required.

Give your operators the equipment allowing them to do a job they can be proud of, while providing the best  service for the customer and protecting the environment.



Fertiliser savings from 10 to 30%



twin chainA 730 twin chain (shown), gives a clear base with no extra obstructions, minimising problems with difficult products.

This will spread anything a single chain or belt spreader will do, but control the product better.  A wireless link from the Cab to the Bin reduces maintenance and installation costs, making it for easier trouble shooting.  There is a large screen size for easy viewing, allowing all needed functionality to be displayed while spreading. 




drive 3Some systems which claim to be as good only provide a ‘stop/start’ function for the chain control. 
POMOT has patented capability covering the use of full variable control on each side, under the influence of GPS.

The picture opposite shows a run where the driver is able to reduce the width when on the overlap.  This saves fertiliser and provides an even spread.  Shortly this will automatically be carried out by the on-board POMOT computer, based on the trucks GPS position.  This is patented technology so will only be possible with a Transpread spreader.

Stay one step ahead of the competition and reap the benefits.  Give your clients the results they deserve at market beating prices.

On a field like this, you could expect to use 10 to 30% less fertiliser with a fully controllable spreader.



Spreadsmart 1020


Tablet Cab Control Unit (CCU)


transpread terminal
Full control of your spreader from the comfort of your cab.

            ·Wireless link from Cab to Bin. No wires, no plugs.

            ·GPS guidance and data upload can be printed free on Google Maps. No monthly fees.

 Powered Hub

 12 or 24V input, no voltage dropper required. Rough Service powered hub.

 Charge tablet and has sealed connections and BT to connect to the FCU.




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