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Known from a long time on roads, rail and maritime transport exchanngable bodies solutions

are increasingly used in agricultural technology. The Exchangable Body System is a set of several (at
least two) superstructures, which can be change on a specially prepared truck in a few minutes.
Currently Pomot company offers five different echangable bodies system. Although the farm needs
diffrent use of exchangable bodies system than road transport, it all, as usual, is economics. Some
devices on farms, although they are necessary they are used occasionally (seasonally).


The “Uniwersal” System provides large financial savings already since the purchase. The calculation
shows that the share of the chassis in the cost of manufacture whole trailer can range from 50 up to
70%, so you can see how much You can save. Farmer buys only a chassis consisting of a frame with
a latch and a set of transport driving and a few bodies. Body may be an open load-carrying body,
slurry tank, manure spreader, and others. The operator puts on the chassis the body, which he needs
at the time.. Further savings are the result of lower cost of operation. Reducing the number of
chassis on the farm to one results more intensively used of it. It also requires less maintenanceservicing
operations, and bodies on parking space takes up less space than traditional machines.


We currently offer seven different swap bodies:


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