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Sewage cleaning devices type ZSA are slurry containers together with additional devices

installed on truck’s suspension by means of intermediate frame. 


The POMOT company offers sewage cleaning devices for trucks with capacity ranging

from 2500l up to 10000l. They are installed on trucks’ suspensions according to clients’ demand.

We offer:


Chambers’ division into clear water container and ooze container is selected against client’s order.
Thanks to truck’s mobility sewage cleaning device enables agile driving in traffic and delivering

municipal services such as emptying sewages, transporting liquid waste and cleaning sewages.


Sewage cleaning devices are equipped with hydraulically powered compressors produced

by companies such as MORO, BONDIOLI PAWESSI or HERTELL as well as water pumps

with different specifications from companies such as MORO, WRACA, SPECK and others.

Two drain gate valves diameter 4 inches, controlled hydraulically or manually. Against order

there may be installed additional valves controlled manually or hydraulically. Waste is sucked

into a container as a result of vacuum created by a compressor. Emptying the container may

be done hydrostatically or as a result of overpressure created in the container by the compressor.

The compressor is powered hydraulically. It is also equipped with a suction hose with a 6m long

basket or two 3m sections.


The POMOT company offers trucks from companies such as: MAN, RENAULT, DAF, SCANIA,

IVECO, MERCEDES, AVIA and others. Sewage cleaning devices may be mounted on any type

of truck. 


Available containers’ capacity:
2500l, 4000l, 4500l, 5000l, 5500l, 6000l, 6500l, 7000l, 7500l, 8000l, 10 000l With free division

into clear water and ooze containers.

In order to facilitate the usage of sewage cleaning devices the POMOT company may equip

them with hydraulic control of devices such as:

  • Rear hatch
  • Rear hatch bolting
  • Compressor control
  • Drain gate valves control
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Compressor
  • High-pressure water pumps

The POMOT company always delivers orders in accordance with requirements stipulated

with a client. We take special interest in ensuring our clients with professional advice and

help in preparing the specification of the municipal devices’ equipment.

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